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September 23, 2018
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December 14, 2018
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RMPA Handicap Committee Meeting

RMPA Handicap Committee Meeting
14th September 2018

Y Bhg Dato’ Mohamed Moiz President
Y M Dato’ Syed Budriz Chair, Handicapping Committee
En. Stanley Sinnappen
En. Shaik Reismann
Y Bhg Dato’ Mohd Zekri Ibrahim
HH Tengku Amir Ibrahim

By Invitation
Dr Santi Bachmann representing Thai Polo
En. Ali Reda representing Singapore Polo Club
En. Shaffik Mustaffa representing Putra Polo & Jogo Polo
HH Tengku Muhammad, HH Tengku Shazril, En. Amran Selamat, (RPPC)

In Attendance:
Peter Ibrahim Abisheganaden

1. Opening Address
The President of RMPA, Dato’ Mohamed Moiz, opened the meeting at 4:50 pm. He thanked those who had made special arrangements to attend the meeting, especially Thai Polo and Singapore Polo Club.

The president asked for two handicap meetings per year:
1. End of Malaysian high goal season
2. End of Thai high goal Season.

The next handicap meeting was therefore set for Saturday 2nd Feb in Thailand

The president noted that handicap changes were done by a majority vote, and not by consensus.

2. Singapore Polo Club
The meeting noted the changes in Singapore handicaps. These new handicaps would be effective immediately:
1. Sattar Khan from 4 to 3 goals
2. Waqas Khan from 4 to 3 goals
3. Stijn Welkers from 1 to 0 goals
4. Yeo Kuo Lee from 0 to -1 goals.

3. Thai Polo & Equestrian Club
The meeting noted the changes in Thai Polo handicaps. These new handicaps would be effective immediately.
1. Brian Orosco 1 to 2T goals
2. Diego Gomez Echeverry 3 to 4 goals

4. RMPA Malaysian Handicaps
It was decided that any changes to Malaysian handicaps would take effect from 1st November 2018.

The following players were made the benchmarks for their respective handicaps:
• Julian Sagarna, 3 goals
• Amran Selamat, 2 goals
• HH Tengku Amir Nasser Ibrahim, 1 goal.

The following handicaps were adjusted:

Foreign Pro Changes
1. Raul Laplacette 6 to 7 goals
2. Agustin Andrada 4 to 5 goals
3. Hugo Fischer 3 to 4 goals (as raised by the Australian Polo Federation)
4. Juan Manuel Garcia Grossi, from 2T was confirmed as 2 goals.

1. Zulhaime Kople, from 1 to 2 goals
2. Aidil Ghulam from 0 to 1 goal
3. HH Tengku Muhammad Iskandar Ri’ayat ud-din Shah, from 0 to 1 goal
4. Dr Azfar Mustapha, from -2 to 0
5. Ginecito Bargallo, from -1 to 0
6. Eric Chan, from -2 to -1
7. Imran Moiz, from -2 to -1
8. Deborah Bottreau, from -2 to -1
9. Nurul Husna Bt Mohd Noor Ajala, from -2 to -1

1. Muhd Edham Shahruddin, from 3 to 2 goals
2. Hennie Coenraad, from 0 to -1 goals
3. Md. Roshdi Dato’ Ahmad Nordin, from 0 to -1 goals
4. Neils Madsen, from 0 to -1 goals

As there was no other business, the meeting was adjourned at 6:50 pm, with a vote of thanks to the Royal Selangor Polo Club.

The full list of RMPA Handicaps can be downloaded here: RMPA Handicap List 2018-2019 20190218