FIP Umpire’s Seminar

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August 25, 2018
The RMPA International League Final 2018
September 15, 2018
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FIP Umpire’s Seminar

The Royal Malaysian Polo Association and the Federation of International Polo jointly conducted a FIP International Umpire’s Seminar in Kuala Lumpur, on 8th and 9th September 2018.

This seminar was open to umpires sent or endorsed by their national associations.

The course presenters were Daniel Boudou and Juan Jose Diaz Alberdi, both from Argentina. Both are professional umpires with considerable experience and international repute. Daniel Boudou holds the record of having umpired the Argentine Open Final on no less than 15 occasions. Participants got a chance to work with them as officials in the RMPA International League Final, a 12-goal tournament that will be played at that time.

The seminar featured:

  • Changes to the rules and new interpretations of the rules.
  • Refereeing and game officiating.
  • Video analysis of games.
  • Stewarding and horse welfare

Participants in the seminar were:

  1. Col. Dato Jumat Zakaria (Ret.) (BRU)
  2. Mr Qahar Ibnu (BRU)
  3. Col. Muhammad Mujahid Omar Khan (PAK)
  4. Mr Shaukat Ali Malik (PAK)
  5. Mr Ahmad Nawaz Tiwana (PAK)
  6. Mr Waqar Nadir (PAK)
  7. Raja Arsalan Najeeb (PAK)
  8. Dr Santiago Bachmann (ARG)
  9. Mr Vorajit Wongkraso (THA)
  10. Mr Ali Reda (SIN)
  11. Ms Daryl Yeap (MAS)
  12. Dato’ Mohamad Zekri Ibrahim


FIP Ambassador and RMPA Executive Secretary Peter Abisheganaden was the course organizer.