August 2, 2018

Discussion by RSPC Open Umpires

All polo players invited to a discussion with the umpires at the RSPC Open, at 9:30 am on Saturday 4th August at RSPC. Steve Evans and JJ Diaz Alberdi, the umpires at the RSPC Open, will discuss fouls and umpiring at the RSPC Open and other umpiring issues.  Please be ready with your questions. Videos of the games played will be shown, with an explanation of some fouls.
July 17, 2018

Kelantan defeats Sabah

The Kelantan Turtles of the east coast were faster than the the Sabah Rhinos of East Malaysia, running away with a 5-1 win in a test match between the Sabah Polo Association and the Kelantan Polo Riding Club at the Royal Sabah Turf Club on Saturday 14th July.