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Substitutions and use of registered reserves

This reminder, first published in June 2012 is still relevant.  Team Managers, please take notice of this.

I wish to remind all league teams to register intended players before the start of the tournament.

Teams are then free to use these players in the tournament by: declaring their team on a match by match basis by e-mailing or texting me their line-up.

Teams are allowed to use their reserves to share games.

However the following must be maintained:

  1. Game Officials (Tournament Director, Umpires and Scorers) must be informed of the intended use of reserves (sharing of chukkas) before the game begins.
  2. Players coming on after the game has started must report their presence to (a) the umpires and (b) the opposing team captain even if this was informed before the game started.
  3. Reserve players coming on may do so only at the start of a chukka and not at a mid-chukka break.
  4. If a player is injured and is substituted during a chukka or at mid-chukka, the injured player may not come back into the game later.  However, 15 minutes of Injury Time is available, if required.

Please follow this protocol in all league games.

Thank you.

Yours sincreely,
Peter Abisheganaden
RMPA Polo League Coordinator