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Draw, Teams and Results of the 2015 RMPA National Championships

The draw for the RMPA National Championships was conducted on Tuesday 19th May, at 7:00 pm at the Royal Selangor Polo Club.


  1. Every team shall play each other once in a league.  This is 5 matches per team.
  2. After the league stage, the top two team shall meet in the final to decide the National Championships
  3. The teams placed 3rd and 4th in the league stage shall play in the subsidiary final, and the teams in 5th and 6th will play for a 5th/6th plave final order of merit.
  4. Therefore each team should play 6 matches in total.
  5. In the event that final order of merit games cannot be played, the 2015 RMPA National Championships will be decided by their league placings when the tournament was halted.
  6. This tournament is played using HPA Rules and RMPA Polo League Regulations.

Qualifying Order of Merit:


All Match Results:


Final Standings (based on finish of the league):

6th Maple Leaf Windhorse
5th Ranhill Polo
4th Jogo Polo
3rd 1 Selangor
2nd Tu Polo
1st Head Hunters

The teams declared are: