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2017 RMPA Polo Calendar

With the postponement of the Malaysian Open and the suspension of the Merdeka League in 2017, the new polo calendar, version 13b is as follows:




RMPA Polo Calendar 2017 v13b


With two major tournaments in 2017, the FIP World Cup Zone D Playoffs and the 29th South East Asian Games, the RMPA has decided to make two changes:

  1. The RMPA
  2. International League will revert to a 12-14 goal league, as it was from 2006 to 2013.
  3. The RMPA International League will comprise of only three tournaments in 2017.

Clubs and tournaments seeking sanction by RMPA, and a listing on our tournament calendar must apply in writing with the following information:

  1. Proposed Dates
  2. Handicap Range
  3. Tournament Rules and Schedule
  4. List of Tournament Organising Committee and Tournament Director