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2016 RMPA Masters

Schedule and results of the 2016 RMPA Masters.  Six teams have been entered for the 2016 RMPA Masters, to be played from 2nd to 5th June 2016 at the Royal Selangor Polo Club.  

Each team includes a visitor from overseas.  They are:

  1. Adil Bux, President of the Western Australian Polo Council
  2. Greg Johnson, Vice-President of the Australian Polo Federation
  3. Neville Stewart, past President of the Perth Polo Club
  4. Wayne Muminovic (Perth Polo Club)
  5. Stuart Tomlinson (Manila Polo Cub)
  6. Iqbal Jumabhoy, past President of the Singapore Polo Club.

2016 RMPA Masters Teams v5

Play days are Thursday 2nd, Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th June.  Play will start at 4:00 pm sharp on Thursday 2nd and Saturday 4th June, and at 3:30 pm on Sunday 5th June.

2016 RMPA Masters Results v7




Dates:                                      2nd to 5th June 2016
Playing Venue:                     Royal Selangor Polo Club.
Handicap Range:                 Teams of 0 to 3 goals may enter.  (Waived)
Entry Fee:                              MYR2,400 per team upon entry.
Closing Date:                         Friday 20th May 2016
Limits:                                    No more than six teams may enter.
Tournament Committee:    By appointment of the Royal Malaysian Polo Association.
Tournament Director:        Peter Ibrahim Abisheganaden

Tournament Rules

  1. Entries for this tournament are on a per team basis.
  2. Matches will be played over four (4) chukkas.
  3. This tournament shall be played as a handicap tournament.
  4. All games shall be played under the Hurlingham Rules of Polo.
  5. The entry fee is payable upon submission of the entry, otherwise no entry is deemed to have been submitted.
  6. Any entries submitted after the closing of entries is subject to acceptance by the Tournament Committee and an additional late entry surcharge of 50% if accepted.
  7. A tournament draw shall be held not less than a week before the start of the tournament.
  8. Teams must send representatives to this draw, where the format, dependant on the number of teams entered will be explained.
  9. Any team that withdraws from the tournament after the draw has been made shall be subject to a fine of 100% of the entry fee, and shall be referred to RMPA’s Disciplinary Committee.
  10. This tournament is limited to amateurs only.  Professionals of -1 or -2 handicaps may NOT use their exemption to enter this tournament.
  11. Players must be a minimum of 40 years of age attained in the calendar year 2016.
    Teams entering this tournament must field a team with an age total of at least 200 years for the four players.
  12. Each team may have one lady player of any age, who shall carry a nominal age of 55 years.
  13. If any team has more than one lady player, only one lady may use the nominal age of 55.
  14. Teams may register a maximum of six players per team.
  15. All six players may play in a game, providing a declaration is made to the TOC which chukkas are being shared.
  16. At no time can the minimum age of the four players on the team fall below 200.  If it does, the team defaults the match.
  17. All teams shall use the team declaration form to declare their team’s players, ages and handicaps upon entry.
  18. Any team wishing to use a company name as their team name must apply for permission to the Tournament Committee to do so.
  19. Players entering this tournament must be in good standing with the Royal Malaysian Polo Association and the Royal Selangor Polo Club.
  20. Teams will be responsible for all their own horse costs including stabling, floating and miscellaneous charges.
  21. RMPA reserves the right to play matches at other venues in the Klang Valley in the event that RSPC is unplayable.  Any costs of moving horses and other costs related to playing at a different location shall be borne by teams.
  22. The Tournament Director will decide on, and engage umpires for this tournament.  Per HPA rules, there shall be no discussion of umpires allocated.
  23. All teams shall provide two suitable ponies on at least two occasions during the tournament for umpiring duties.
  24. All players must sign RMPA’s Waiver Form before taking to the field.
    Insurance is player’s own.

To download these rules, please click here: 2016 RMPA Masters Entry & Rules

The sponsors of this tournament are:

  • Royal Salute
  • EFG Private Bank
  • Malaya Co
  • MiCasa All Suite Hotel
  • Zack’s Tack

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