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2015 Malaysian Ladies Polo Championships

Visa_ladies_litepink_blue_yellow_no-visaThe Royal Malaysian Polo Association will organise the 2015 RMPA Malaysian Ladies Polo Championships at the Royal Selangor Polo Club from 7th to 10th October 2015.

This is a call for entries.  Entries must be submitted with a cheque made out to “Royal Malaysian Polo Association” for the required amount to be considered a confirmed entry.  Entry closing date has been extended to Friday 11th September 2015.

Please use this entry form: 2015 Malaysian Ladies Polo Championships Entry Form.

Waiver: MLPC Waiver

The rules are as follows:


Dates:  7th to 10th October 2015
Playing Venues:  Royal Selangor Polo Club
Handicap Range:  Teams of 10 to 14 goals of ladies handicaps may enter.
Entry Fee: MYR8,000 per team upon entry.
Entry Closing Date: 11th September 2015.
Limits: No more than six teams may enter on a first come – first served basis.

Tournament Committee: By appointment of the Royal Malaysian Polo Association.
Tournament Director: Peter Ibrahim Abisheganaden

  1. Players are free to form their own teams to enter this tournament.
  2. There shall be no male players in this tournament.
  3. Matches will be played over four (4) chukkas, and shall be played straight.
  4. This tournament shall be played as a handicap tournament.
  5. The Tournament Director shall devise a format of play for the tournament.
  6. All games shall be played under the Hurlingham Rules of Polo.
  7. The entry fee is payable upon submission otherwise it is not considered an entry.
  8. Any entry submitted after the closing of entries on 21st August 2015 is subject to acceptance by the Tournament Committee and an additional late entry surcharge of 50% if accepted.
  9. There shall be no refund of entry fees for any team that withdraws from the tournament
  10. Any team that withdraws from the tournament after the draw has been made shall be subject to a fine of 100% of the entry fee, and shall be referred to RMPA’s Disciplinary Committee.
  11. A tournament draw shall be held not less than two weeks before the start of the tournament.  Teams must send representatives to this draw, where the format dependant on the number of teams entered, will be explained.
  12. The Team Declaration has to be submitted to the Tournament Director by 6th September 2015 for promotional purposes.  All players shall use the team declaration form to declare their handicaps.
  13. The highest ladies handicap that a player holds in HPA, AAP, USPA or RMPA or in the player’s home country shall be used.
  14. If a player does not hold a ladies handicap, they shall be given a ladies handicap for this tournament using the HPA conversion chart.
  15. Teams shall not play with more than two professional players.
  16. Teams shall not have more than two non-South East Asian based players in their team.
  17. Any team wishing to use a company name as their team name must apply for permission to the Tournament Committee to do so.
  18. Teams shall be prepared to play in the team jerseys if provided by the tournament sponsors.  Teams that do not wish to wear the supplied jerseys shall apply for permission to the Tournament Director to wear their own jerseys.
  19. Players entering this tournament must be in good standing with the Royal Malaysian Polo Association and the Royal Selangor Polo Club.
  20. Teams will be responsible for all their own horse costs including stabling, in-situ quarantine charges, floating and miscellaneous charges.
  21. The Tournament Director will decide on, and engage umpires for this tournament.
  22. Teams must be prepared to play postponed matches at any time during the duration of the tournament.
  23. RMPA reserves the right to play matches at other venues in the Klang Valley in the event that RSPC is unplayable.  Any costs of moving horses and other costs related to playing at a different location shall be borne by teams.
  24. Teams shall provide two suitable ponies on at least two occasions during the tournament for umpiring duties.
  25. Visiting players must sign RMPA’s Waiver Form before taking to the field.
  26. Insurance is player’s own.

These rules can be downloaded here: 4th Malaysian Ladies Polo Championships 2015 – Rules.

Current Malaysian Ladies Polo Handicaps

2015 Malaysian Ladies Handicaps

HPA Conversion Chart

The ladies handicaps were converted from their open handicaps, using the HPA Conversion Chart as follows:

HPA Ladies Handicap Conversion Chart

HPA Ladies Handicaps can be downloaded here: HPA Womens Handicaps 2015.